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SGO Designer Glass enhances any room in your home, office, place of worship, schools and many different commercial and institutional locations. SGO is devoted to our craft and to giving customized and personalized customer service. We are a member of a 300+ global franchise network - a world leader in decorative glass design and installation.

SGO Designer Glass specializes in architectural, decorative glass for residential, commercial, and religious applications in entryways, windows, skylights, cabinetry, shower enclosures, closet inserts, room dividers and storefronts.

Our goal is to keep it as simple as possible for today's busy lifestyles, by offering one-stop solutions. We look forward to serving you.

Please use this web site to learn more about our company, the location of our studios, the huge range of designs we have in our library, and how we can work with you on your custom project.

Arch Deco
CP Films, Inc.
Koch Doors
Medieval Glass
Deco Therm
Dupont SGX
We also offer:
  • Etched, Carved, Sandblasted Glass - Ideal in today’s contemporary or traditional home environments
  • Textured/Pattern Glass - Providing basic textured glass for your cabinets as well.
  • Shower & Bath Enclosures, Heavy Glass - Providing you with a shower enclosure to fit your need including frameless solutions
  • Faux Iron - Providing products that have the look and feel of wrought iron. Lightweight, durable and has amazingly versatile solutions. http://www.fauxiron.com/
  • 3form - EcoResin panels encapsulating textures, colored and natural interlayers for endless aesthetic possibilities
  • Painted/Colored Glass - Providing glass to you with glass that has any color imaginable. Special process that bond the color to the surface permanently
  • Leaded, Beveled & Stained Glass - Providing art glass from simple lead line designs to complex pictorials
  • Decorative Laminated Glass - Providing glass pieces of glass fused together with a decorative interior. The interior can be color, texture, pattern, fabric, wood, rice paper, metallic, and even digital photography

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